Nowadays, you can purchase practically anything online through the online course best platform. You may search for and buy anything online, including anything like nicely equipped homes, clothes, mobiles, and daily necessities. As a result, education has also embraced the online delivery method.

For example, the institute or any teacher needs to store their all knowledge in one place and deliver them to learners. There are a number of excellent best platforms that give you useful tools for a variety of tasks, like developing to create online courses, implementing marketing strategies, designing appealing landing and sales pages, and receiving payments from anywhere.

LMS is a system that fulfills the gaps between the instructor and learner virtually. That can be one-to-one or one-to-many easily. Learners can attend live classes or go through pre-recorded videos.

There are different types of the best platform to build an online course, in short, we have seen the difference. And now checking the list and studying them in detail.

  • DomainRacer
  • Thinkific
  • LearnWorlds
  • Teachable
  • LearnDash

1. DomainRacer LMS

domainracer best online course platform

It’s a platform and also software where you can create your data and store it for learners. LMS is used for multiple purposes by different business persons. When you go into detail to find the best LMS hosting. With the most features, the DomainRacer LMS offers the best for all. They have affordable plans with some exciting features.

DomainRacer LMS is the best platform for your business in LMS which has a one-stop solution. It has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to build the best online learning platforms in the world. It is the most demanding platform in the market nowadays. It’s the platform where you can create the LMS to learn for college students, cyber security, coding courses, competitive exams, etc.

What Makes it Special:-

  1. Quiz, Certificates – It creates a unique test for self-evaluation and delivering certifications.
  2. Selling Courses – Sell online courses as well with pre-recorded courses and start to earn.
  3. Premium Video Platform – A better and more premium video quality is offered by DomainRacer LMS than others.
  4. Secure your Website – LMS requires better security for its website than you get in DomainRacer LMS.
  5. Virtual Classes – Live virtual classes are organized through Zoom.
  6. Engagement – With the help of quizzes, games, and assignments keeps the learners engaged.
  7. LMS Software – LMS Software helps to use it from wherever the user is.
  8. Live Support – User gets the 24*7 support via WhatsApp, chat, or call.
  9. LiteSpeed Technology – That helps to boost the speed of the website.
  10. Recorded Classes – Creating the best LMS platform where you can have class recording software.


  1. It offers users the SEODefault tool which helps the user to rank on Google.
  2. Email, phone (during business hours), and support tickets are all available 24 hours a day for contacting customer assistance.
  3. LMS Hosting Video Resources.
  4. Users can create more attractive Landing pages.
  5. Offers Tutor LMS plugin in the package.
  6. In one single package user gets multiple add-ons as no need to pay separately for each.


  1. Costing is very low.
  2. There is no major disadvantage to DomianRacer.


  1. $6.99 / month
  2. $12 / month

Visit Website DomainRacer

2. Thinkific

thinkific best online course platform free

It’s one of the best experiences in the online course platform. When one needs to get a platform for storing and delivering knowledge through one in all.

What Makes it Special:-

  1. No coding is required using the course builder to quickly and easily create courses using templates and drag-and-drop editing. Due to living events that are held continuously learners get engaged in them and come back again to your platform.
  2. Putting Information Online and Organizing your Course Give your students the option of taking your classes at their own pace, on a set timetable with a group of their peers, or in both cases.
  3. Seasoned Experts: Gain experience by using the knowledge of course creation, design, marketing, and development. Due to all the special features of thinkific learners being permanent on this platform for long life.
  4. Adaptable Spaces: Create specialized virtual Spaces to host discussions on particular subjects, facilitate introductions, or post significant updates.


  1. Email functions and marketing automation.
  2. Personalized course certificates
  3. With unlimited Course, Group, and Site admin accounts, you can give your team more authority.
  4. Secure Payment opportunities.
  5. Simple internet tools for creating courses.


  1. The operation of integration tools is not entirely seamless.
  2. Does not provide the same sophisticated features.


  1. Basic $36 / month.
  2. Start at $74 / month.
  3. Grow $149 / month.

3. LearnWorlds

learnworlds best online course platform for technology

A platform for creating courses is LearnWorlds. The software includes tools for developing websites, reporting, and analytical work, as well as tools for designing, marketing and selling courses.

Due to its usability, reasonable cost, and excellent customer happiness, LearnWorlds is trusted by many businesses.

What Makes it Special:-

  1. Adjustable Courses – It creates courses in such a way that they can be adjustable. Which satisfies the learners and makes them come back to learn the things they wanted from the same platform.
  2. Provide Different Tools – Offers such tools that for example create certificates or pop up, etc. This tool makes the user experience good and keeps engagement.
  3. Mobile Applications – It’s available for all users of Android and ios too.
  4. Combination – You may integrate every component of your internet business with LearnWorlds.


  1. Completed Certifications.
  2. Downloadable attachments, gamification, interactive videos, and e-books.
  3. It is possible for students to make notes and underline key ideas.


  1. Although switching between languages is an option, it isn’t always reliable.


  1. $24 / month (Billed annually)
  2. $69.3 / month (Billed annually)
  3. 209.3 / month (Billed annually)

4. Teachable

teachable best online platform for online classes

On the website Teachable, you may develop and market online courses. It offers a simple user interface for creating courses.

What Makes it Special:-

  1. Create Easily – On Teachable, you can take self-paced courses, With their user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly begin creating your course or coaching service.
  2. Simple Tools for Creating Courses – There are different tools for creating courses that are simple to use.
  3. Scale and Build Better Bonds – Creating a number of courses and with the help of different features there happens a good relationship with customers.
  4. Working with Professionals – From beginning to end you get help from experienced staff with their help.


  1. A free version can be used in it.
  2. It allows you to receive payment from anywhere.
  3. We can customize the website as we need.


  1. It has no mobile application.


  1. $29 / month (Billed annually)
  2. Pro $99 / month (Billed annually)

5. LearnDash

learndash top online learning platforms

It is one of the best online course platforms for building courses. It has automated notifications that help to notify the user to keep them aware of their tasks.

What Makes it Special:-

  1. Course Creator with Ease – With the help of this you can create courses easily saving your time.
  2. Scheduling – enables you to set start dates for lessons and schedule them.
  3. Support – It supports different images, videos, and various files.


  1. It comes at Reasonable prices.
  2. It offers different questions and practices of messages.
  3. It’s easy to customize when you require it.


  1. There is no integrated marketing plan for promoting your courses.


  1. $119.40 / year

The Way LMS is Growing –

We have seen all the top online course platforms and Learning Management System is now growing drastically.

Checking the count we can see the actual change in numbers from past years. It’s been used by all governments and also private sectors. Like when they need to train their employees. All the courses in the form of videos are stored in one place for their users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Learning Management System?

LMS is nothing but a system where the instructor can store all his knowledge and can deliver it easily to learners virtually. Learners would be able to have that courses from anywhere. The instructor can easily manage the data or the progress or the reports of the learners.

Mostly in past years and now growing tremendously after the covid-19. The way of learning has changed and is preferred online by most.

Q2. How to Create an Online Course?

For creating the online course to sell on the platform there are some steps. If you need to know in detail through the videos from basic to end about creating an online course here it is.

Q3. What Factors Should We think of when Selecting a Platform for Developing Online Courses?

  • We should check that it is easy to set up the LMS if not from a technical background.
  • Have to check the cost of it and your budget.
  • Checking the tools that they offer and how easy are they to use.
  • The important is support from the team we should get once we choose the platform.

Q4. What are the Best Online Course Platforms?

Many different LMS platforms have been used for various purposes. DomainRacer, LearnDash, Teachable, etc. are a few of the platforms. DomainRacer is running well and is used by most instructors nowadays. It’s a platform that is affordable and secure for those users who has sensitive data in it in the future.

They offer us some great features like a premium video platform with Tutor LMS plugin and many more.

Q5. How do I Sell Online Courses?

Once the instructor creates an online course on a particular platform he/she can start extra income by selling their courses. There are a few platforms that allow us to sell courses such as DomainRacer.

If you don’t have enough time to read and understand properly you can visit the channel and check on videos explained in detail.

Time to Decide on Your Online Course Platform…

The techniques of delivering education to students have undergone significant change as a result of the modern digital era. Even the most well-known and prestigious colleges in the world today provide online courses, eLearning materials, online tests, etc.

Create appealing learning resources and post them on well-known online teaching platforms to make money from the comfort of your own home. You can create an online training program easily with the help of DomainRacer.

DomainRacer, Teachable, LearnDash, Thinkific, and LearnWorlds are a few of the most helpful and highly suggested online course platforms. All of these platforms for online learning give you access to tools for creating, marketing, and selling courses. Making it incredibly simple for you to advance in your career by implementing best practices.