Powerful Forex VPS Server

The best Forex VPS Trading, which monitors your system 24/7 day-night. It presents high-speed connectivity without any processor distraction with complete automation. Get MetaTrader advanced trading option, MT4/MT5 to track the trade's single movement. Explore the cheap Forex VPS Hosting server for trading with these excellent features.

Low Latency




Lightning Fast SSD


Support MetaTrader

(MT4/MT5) Platform


vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 2
  • Physical RAM : 2 GB
  • SSD DISK: 40 GB
  • BANDWIDTH : 2800 GB
  • Delivery Time : 30 min



vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 2
  • Physical RAM : 4 GB
  • SSD DISK: 60 GB
  • BANDWIDTH : 4800 GB
  • Delivery Time : 30 min



vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 3
  • Physical RAM : 8 GB
  • SSD DISK: 80 GB
  • BANDWIDTH : 12900 GB
  • Delivery Time : 30 min



vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 4
  • Physical RAM : 8 GB
  • SSD DISK : 200 GB
    or (NVME - 50GB)
  • BANDWIDTH : 7800 GB
  • Delivery Time : 4 Hr



vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 6
  • Physical RAM : 16 GB
  • SSD DISK : 400 GB
    or (NVME - 100GB)
  • BANDWIDTH : 15900 GB
  • Delivery Time : 4 Hr

Limited Time

$38.25 $43.97 /mo


vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 4
  • Physical RAM : 16 GB
  • SSD DISK: 160 GB
  • BANDWIDTH : 29900 GB
  • Delivery Time : 30 min



vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 8
  • Physical RAM : 32 GB
  • SSD DISK : 800 GB
    or (NVME - 200GB)
  • BANDWIDTH : 31900 GB
  • Delivery Time : 4 Hr



vCPU        |

RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 10
  • Physical RAM : 64 GB
  • SSD DISK : 1600 GB
    or (NVME - 400GB)
  • BANDWIDTH : 51900 GB
  • Delivery Time : 4 Hr


Get Powerful Forex Windows VPS Hosting Services

What is Forex VPS Hosting?

The Forex VPS hosting is the best for trading server purposes. Cheap Forex VPS hosting is the constant link that connects your trading to the vast trading network. Forex VPS trading helps you to manage your trading system on the market.

If you don't use the cheap Forex Windows VPS for trading, then you might get disconnected from the system. It happens because, on a personal basis, you use a laptop or computer system. If there is an electricity cut off then you will not be able to reopen, close or do anything to your trades. It will damage you hard in this dynamic trading market.

Trading with MT4/MT5 on Our Powerful Forex VPS Hosting Servers feels Lighting Fast Speed

You will ensure here maximum uptime with high-performance server resources based on (TIER IV) data centers. The forex vps trading solution is scalable and has customizable features.

Minimal + Low Latency Infra

There will be no time delay. You can access real-time changing data within the tiniest delay of time with the low-cost forex trading VPS for traders. You don't have to wait for the real-time data to update. It will receive you within the least delay.

Top Security Tools

You will get MetaTrader 5 VPS for forex trading servers with pre-installed DDoS protection to secure your data. Our VPS for forex trading is always passionate about providing protection. You will secure your business along with RAID Technology in the forex vps.

Super Chargeable Tier IV Server

The best VPS for forex trading server delivers the most robust and cooling infra. Your website will run continuously in a safe mode except for any disturbances. The tier 4 server offers you 99.99% uptime with the best forex VPS for trading servers.

Turbo Speed Environment

The best VPS for futures trading forex enhances your business with a faster server. It increases the system's performance and improves your scalability. You will enjoy unlimited SSD hosting and bandwidth. You can experience it all at ultra-high speed.

Powerful Network with MetaTrader

MT4 virtual private server that is built up through multi-core (20 cores/40 threads) Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors. The Forex VPS server of MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 (MT4/MT5) is anytime there with a 1 GBPS Connection.

Multiple Operating System

The ultimate choices of the operating system are accessible with affordable Windows VPS forex trading. You will get mt4 virtual private server options for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 operating systems.

4 GBPS Network Connection

Worried about speed? Are you facing more losses in trading because of speed? Our Windows VPS forex trading gives you 4 gbps connection for speed. Simultaneously, you will receive a speed of 100x times faster connectivity. You can download/receive your data within seconds.

24/7-DayNight (5 Media Support)

Are you stuck? MetaTrader 5 VPS for forex trading servers is the solution. Our professional team is just one step away via WhatsApp, Call, Email, Chat and Ticket. You can not be stuck very long for your problems with the forex vps trading support team. They are available 24/7 only for you.

Best Forex VPS Server Trading

Cheap forex VPS is one of the main factors in the trading market. And It is also delicate and difficult to handle. The Forex VPS servers package comes with various benefits and an easy understanding.

You will get the latest technologies like CSF Firewall with an easy-to-install option and preinstalled DDoS Protection to protect your website. You will access very high performance at very affordable pricing with low-cost Forex VPS hosting.

By using the best forex VPS for futures trading, you don't have to check your trades continuously with unlimited SSD storage space. Our ultimate cloud-based Linux infra plans provide faster innovations, economies of scale and flexible resources to use.

You can use trading through software and platforms like MetaTrader4/MetaTrade5 vps (MT4/MT5). It gives you easier ways to keep windows vps forex trading active and your trades live. The benefit of the best vps with MetaTrader 4 is the first thing that matters in online trading.


You will fetch all small movements and updates automatically regarding trades. It is very beneficial if you use the forex VPS for trading servers. Trading is a very dynamic market that goes up and down in a single moment.

MT4 virtual private server delivers you full root access control in India, UK, USA, NewYork, Singapore, the Netherlands/Amsterdam and London with cheap forex vps trading which is always reasonable. This requirement list is very essential for trades: Security, Hardware, Storage Space, and more.

Why Choose Cheap Forex VPS Hosting?
  • Powerful Hardware:- Our excellent forex VPS servers are built up of multi-core (20 cores / 40 threads) Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 processors.
  • Tier IV Server Platform:- Our forex cheap vps server delivers the most robust and cooling infra with Tier IV in India, UK, USA, NewYork, Singapore, Netherlands, Amsterdam and London etc.
  • Cost Saving:- While choosing the cheapest forex trading platform plans, you will see they offer the very affordable and lowest price.
  • Support MT4/MT5 Platform:- Enjoy your cheapest vps forex trading in the market through software and algorithmic platforms like MetaTrade4/MetaTrade5.
  • Low Latency :- This is a very big problem that is solved for the delayed response. Because we are offering a very low latency feature to vps server trading users.

Buy Forex VPS Hosting Trading Service?

Increased your website efficiency with more reliable and scalable resources. Full root access control with affordable forex trading for windows VPS hosting.

  • What is Forex VPS Hosting? How does Forex VPS work?

    The forex VPS hosting stands for a Virtual Private Server for trading. It is a form of Windows VPS Forex hosting. Where data center facilities are needed to allow businesses to locate physical hardware.

    Inexpensive virtual private servers for forex trading provide a direct ISP connection, with Forex VPS data centers. It informs the trading system to host their trading software 24 hours full operation. Affordable Forex VPS helps to connect with the online trading market with the automated system. It is the link that joins your trading to the wider trading network without doing manual trades.

  • How does Forex VPS work?

    To use the cheap vps for forex you initially need to be active on the computer or any system - Internet, Hardware system.

    These three things make trading through forex mt4 vps. With the help of windows vps for forex, you will be able to run your trading without any interfaces. Only Windows will help to install and run a lot of applications of vps in forex trading.

    By choosing the DedicatedCore forex VPS hosting plan then you can get MetaTrader 4/5 within the service. To avoid any unnecessary money loss at that time, best vps hosting for forex is a mandatory thing.

  • Is VPS good for forex trading?

    Yes, VPS hosting is a very good option for forex trading. You can get more control, space and customization features for any forex trading business. Forex vps server gives traders the surety of security and helps the traders to run their trading businesses from anywhere.

    The finest MT4/MT5 virtual server is the flexible option to perform the exchange from anywhere, anytime and in any situation even without electricity.

  • How many MT4/MT5 can I run on my VPS?

    In this vps server trading situation, it depends on the configurations clients are using for their business. As per the firm guidelines, 2-4 MetaTrader 4/5 terminals (with a handful of charts) per CPU core.

    But in that, you have to be alert that you are not pressuring your VPS CPU too much, which can cause CPU damage because of the continually active online process.

  • What is an Expert Advisor (Forex Robot)? Can I run it on my VPS?

    In Forex Trading vps, the word Expert Adviser (EA) is commonly used. It is a system software that is built to automate the forex market.

    By using this you can easily monitor your trading market like, when to start and when to execute by understanding your trading criteria. EA is mostly used within the MetaTrader 4/5 vps forex trading platforms. It gives you all the necessary signals of trading opportunities. So you can easily run it from your VPS.

Excellent Service! I was worried about the payment transaction while purchasing the forex VPS hosting for trading. But I would say dedicatedcore team have given me every possible option to make a smooth payment. Also I got MT4 & MT5 for my forex VPS with a 4GBPS connection. I want to say thank you so much for assisting me through the process.

ALBERT (Forex Broker)

I had been searching for a low latency forex VPS server provider and finally after a lot of struggle I got a dedicatedcore forex provide. I was in doubt about the service because I never used it. But they really prove me wrong by giving the proper low-latency service and support.

Roy Jhon (Trader)