Standard VPS Hosting

Best Cheap VPS hosting provider with wholly reliable and KVM based virtualization. Our standard VPS hosting plans are well-designed for your growing sales. Perceive here, the best budget VPS for larger enterprises and experience the complete access of user control.

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Learn About Cheapest VPS Hosting Services

If you are thinking to buy an unlimited VPS hosting, then run with DedicatedCore low-cost VPS hosting packages. Entrance to affordable price hosting with unmanaged/self-managed support. Peak performance of supreme best uptime and Tier III DC to our audience.

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Safe, Steady and Secured Storage

Low-cost VPS servers ensure with firewall layer performing in connection with the security configuration. That protects your site against attacks and the RAID for the purpose of redundancy performance to keep your valuable data secure and safe.

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Europe Server Infrastructure

The best dedicated VPS hosting in Europe maintain with TIER III datacentre located in Europe (Lithuania). DC budget VPS servers offer high end of a virtual server, fast speed infrastructure with the top-notch of performance without any interruptions.

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Right Tools Right Now

Easy to get standard cheap Linux VPS server running up and deploy instances inside in the control panel. Best VPS hosting plans offer hostname management, free DNS management, and emergency access console to manage your VPS server easily.

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Inexpensive and Very Cost Saving

The DedicatedCore offers top virtual private server hosting at a very cost-saving and affordable price with high-quality features services. The fast speed SSD VPS server performance that outpaces the competition and helps your search engine rankings.

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Software Stack Store

Cheap VPS Europe full-scale data storage platform that delivers flexibility and manages control panels or cPanel/WHM, Webmin, VestaCP, and Plesk, etc to transform your server data. Get access to set up your email accounts with the cheapest VPS server.

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BackUp + Redundancy

Cheap VPS standard web hosting with cPanel setup your backups as a premium service that enables the automatic back up of files and databases. To our standard cheap vps hosting complimentary services offering weekly Backup service.

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Assistance On Demand

Our cheapest VPS hosting plans use premium hardware and networking, that is fully supported by our expert team of people to solving problems. We offer free guidance assistance resources of setting up your dream low-cost VPS Europe server.

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24/7 Advanced Support

If you need help any time anywhere? We offer a full professional and expert team, that is always ready to 24/7 assist you at any time with no delays and provide quick solutions to all your technical problems regarding the best budget vps server.

High Traffic - Standard VPS Hosting?

The best and affordable VPS hosting is a fine-tuned network, which is designed by various reputed tools to ensure high stability. Using powerful VPS server advanced technology, we make sure that the budgets virtual server keeps you working uninterrupted and get maximum control over the server.

Fully Scalable Budget VPS Server

We always ensure our low-cost VPS server bundled up with the choice of the control panel. The best budget VPS hosting business with larger power to run a full range of applications and top solution infrastructures to manage in a single place.

Extra Knowledge

All budget VPS hosting built the infrastructure of comprehensive guides, knowledgebase and TOS platform to grab the best cloud VPS hosting information.

Contact Support

Our Linux VPS hosting provides the technical support experts support, that are available 24×7 days to assist you and solve any issues get your questions answered in minutes.

Youtube Video Series

Best VPS hosting video series to learn, manage and set up your server’s problem. affordable cheap vps providers are providing self-managed or unmanaged support service.


Customer ThankFullness

The first time, I reached to the company DedicatedCore who provides all types of VPS services. I am purchased their standard VPS hosting plan. The package prices are very low as compared to others. Erin Caldwell

Software Engineer, Tesco

I needed a VPS hosting provider because my website traffic grows suddenly. Then, I was started doing some research on google and I found DedicatedCore is only the one who offers best budget VPS hosting servers. Ruben Hansen

Developer, Compass Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What hypervisor does Standard VPS use?

DedicatedCore standard low-cost VPS uses reliable and stable OpenVZ hypervisor. The OpenVZ hypervisor is easy to scale up and perfect the ratio between the cost and performance. Our TIER III data center VPS budget servers are located in Europe (Lithuania), Vilnius.

The OpenVZ virtualization is a Linux based hypervisor platform and runs only Linux based operating systems such as Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian, etc. Best Cheap Standard VPS supports only Linux distributions. If you need Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 R2, please review our KVM Windows VPS offers.

What different plans offered by the VPS standard hosting? How much does a VPS cost?

We will help you to grow your businesses and get excellent digital infrastructure without expanding their budget. The DedicatedCore provides cheap, inexpensive, low-cost VPS hosting with the highest virtual server security & performance. Our standard budget VPS hosting has true virtual servers plans specially designed and built-in 4 different ways.

Best VPS server service plans provide the RAM from 2 GB to 16 GB. To store your website data you will get storage from 20 GB to 160 GB. In cheap VPS hosting, you will get a high amount of bandwidth as from 1800 GB to 15900 GB to transfer the data.

What operating systems (OS) offer by DedicatedCore standard VPS hosting?

Our best VPS standard hosting provider offers 4 various types of operating systems (OS) like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

  1. CentOS: – Centos is a Linux operating system. Cento is a free, high enterprise level, a large amount of community-supported the operating system.
  2. Fedora: – Fedora is a Linux distribution developed the project and sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora contains the free and open-source licenses software’s that can anybody use and study and learn to that.
  3. Ubuntu: – Ubuntu is a free and open-source Linux distribution operating system. Ubuntu is a popular cloud computing operating system.
  4. Debian: – Debian is like UNIX operating system. Debian is mostly popular for personal computers and network servers. Debian is the earliest operating system based on the Linux Kernel.
Would DedicatedCore deliver a low budget VPS?

Yes, our top VPS hosting company offers a low-cost and reasonable VPS server as compared to all other VPS hosting providers in the world.

You will get fully scalable and secured data unlimited VPS hosting plans with TIER III DC located in Europe (Lithuania). Which deals with the highest level security with top security tools, dual power server performance, maximum data redundancy capacity RAID technology, and all server configured with uptime always.

Would DedicatedCore offer IPv6 support? How many IPv4 addresses are included?

Yes, we do. All virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address and also you will get more options to add more.

Each cheap VPS hosting plan includes one IPv4 address. If you need or want more IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) addresses, they can be purchased as add-ons after server deployment and also a maximum of 20 additional IPs per single instance.

Which service you can expect with DedicatedCore standard budget vps?

When you choose a safe and reputed standard low-cost VPS hosting service, you can enjoy a host of service, which is provided by DedicatedCore:-

  1. Highly Secured Data: – Uses high-level enterprise server hardware infrastructure which keeps data safe and secure. It also offers RAID technology-enabled storage platform.
  2. Budget VPS Server: – The TIER III data center Europe (Lithuania). Tier 3 DC means the highest security and faster hassle-free infrastructure to grow your business. DedicatedCore ensures always 99.99% uptime availability of your websites.
  3. Multi-Software Support: – You can access multi-software like Linux OS distributions and cPanel/WHM.
  4. Backup + Redundancy: – Don’t worry about data loss, we take weekly backup to store your valuable data backup with RAID technology for data redundancy.
  5. Full Root Access: – You can manage your services easily. It offers free DNS manager, reverse DNS, and hostname management, emergency access console, OS installation, and server reboot, etc.…You have full root access to handle by own.
  6. Self-Managed Support: – For any queries, our 24/7 expert team is here to assist you. DedicatedCore offers top countries services in India, UK, Africa, Europe, USA, Bangladesh, Australia and many more.