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The most reliable and best storage VPS hosting is built from the ground up using high SSD storage. Relish high-performance websites & applications.

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Pick Your Ideal VPS Business Now

It’s time to upgrade your business with different types of VPS hosting. Choose one which is suitable for your business growth.

Learn About Cloud Storage VPS Features

The dedicated cheap high storage VPS hosting presents you with the full root access and best experience with maximum uptime based on Europe (Lithuania) TIER III data center.

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Secure Storage Environment

The large VPS storage is designed for data safety view. The safe and stable VPS server environment secure your website with our best security tools to protect against the attacks and viruses.

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Europe Server Infrastructure

Big storage VPS servers are powered by the TIER III data center located in Europe (Lithuania). First, make sure that all website servers are working on RAID enabled for your protection of data.

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Full Software Stack

The cheapest storage VPS server runs with various operating systems. Multiple control panels like cPanel/WHM, are constantly active to your server into a full-scale of software data storage.

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Less Expensive and Cost Saving

Our best 1TB VPS storage services at very cost-effective and cost-saving. Our low-cost services only for those who want the best benefits of the budgets VPS big storage hosting.

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Tools that you really enjoy

A highly accessible VPS 2TB storage allows your free DNS (Domain Name Server) manager and OS installation. Experience a full suite of services and enjoy simple server management.

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Freedom to Manage Server

With our every cheap high storage VPS plan, you will get root access to connect any compatible application as standard VPS. So, you can efficiently maintain the server without any restriction.

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Scale to Infinity

Effective scale-up to your infinity business data. It doesn’t matter, if you want 0.5 TB or 8 TB data storing. You can upgrade and add new storage VPS data at any time with our fully secure resources.

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24/7 award-winning support

Want help all-time or anywhere? Our specialist’s technical staff or team is always here to assist you 24/7 for any queries or issues to get all the necessary information at any time.

Demanded Storage VPS Service?

Improve your website authority with the most secure and reliable low-cost VPS hosting.  The large storage VPS hosting with unmanaged/self-managed server resources.





256 GB

256 MB RAM

1800 GB


512 GB

512 MB RAM

3800 GB


1024 GB

1024 MB RAM

7800 GB


2048 GB

2048 MB RAM

15900 GB


Fully Managed and Reliable Services

The unlimited benefit of high VPS for storage server is, to handle the increased traffics of your website. It is an excellent choice to store significant data/information of your business with safe, secure and scalable resources.


DedicatedCore best VPS storage hosting offers high-class affordable services and expert support from a skillful knowledgebase platform.

Assistance on demand

Initially performing the VPS large storage server can be tough at the beginners. We offer free guidance assistance, so you can manage panel.

Youtube Video Series

For your any issue or query related to VPS high storage hosting, with the most useful VPS YouTube videos series related to solving your queries.


What People Are Saying About

I’ve been with the DedicatedCore form last year. I have found their offering to be the best reliable and efficient storage VPS service. I can honestly say that they provide very good and excellent customer service. As a client, I AM VERY HAPPY and will start to recommend DedicatedCore only.

Erin Caldwell

Software Engineer, Tesco

DedicatedCore is an Amazing service! I’ve been with their cheap VPS hosting for one an half years. I had a few issues regarding my website storage and their support team guys solved my query immediately. I had the best experience with DedicatedCore storage VPS hosting. Thank you all!

Ruben Hansen

Developer , Compass Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is the typical usage scenario for DedicatedCore Storage VPS?

We specially build or designed storage VPS cheap hosting to store a big amount of data on servers. This setup of high data storage will serve you properly to used data archives or backups.

Unlimited Storage VPS hosting servers are especially suited for the use of all applications, development scenarios with root privileges. Our all Servers provide highest-performing and extra features on demand at no extra charge.

What kind of hypervisor does Storage VPS use?

Here at DedicatedCore, low-cost VPS high storage uses a reliable, safe and stable OpenVZ virtualization server. The OpenVZ hypervisor is a quickly scalable and comprehensive ratio between the price and performance.

The OpenVZ Virtualization is an operating-system-level hypervisor technology based on Linux. OpenVZ is usually a great option for anyone that doesn’t have special requirements-Less overhead.

In which cases Storage VPS is usually used?

The DedicatedCore cloud storage VPS is specifically used for, who wants to host a big sized data website server and provide the most reliable performance. All budget storage VPS server hosting plans come with a control panel like Plesk, cPanel control/WHM, where you can manage the server and use OpenVZ virtualization software. 

Note: Unfortunately, our cheap KVM VPS hosting does not support Filesystem in Userspace or FUSE module.

What operating systems (OS) offer by DedicatedCore with Storage VPS?

With cheap 2TB storage VPS hosting, we offer all of the major operating systems. This is listed below:

  • CentOS – The CentOS is a Linux distribution operating system. The centos is a stable, manageable platform derived from growing servers.
  • Fedora – Fedora or Fedora Linux is created as a safe, comprehensive purpose Linux distribution operating system. Originally sponsored by Red Hat.
  • Debian – Debian is like a UNIX operating system. Debian is one of the operating systems and set of essential plans and utilities to deliver your computer run.
  • Ubuntu – Ubuntu is a free and comprehensive open-source Linux operating system. Openly available with both community and expert support.
How many IPv4 addresses offer by DedicatedCore and do you offer IPv6 support?

Yes, we do. For, every storage virtual server comes with one primary IPv6 address (You can opt to add more IPv6 address). At the moment it is only accessible on OpenVZ Storage VPS.

Also, each low-cost Storage VPS includes one IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) address. If you want more Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses, they can be acquired as add-ons after server deployment. You will get a maximum of 31 extra more IPs per particular instance.   

Which version of Linux Kernel is available?

The Cheap Storage VPS runs with the most advanced stable 3.x+ Linux kernel version. If you want a more advanced Linux kernel version, please feel free to upgrade it, there are no restrictions!

The Linux kernel is the central or core component of the Linux operating system. It is responsible for managing the system the security and resources.

Where are the DedicatedCore servers located?

The data centers also provide the necessary environmental controls and play a major role in resources from the server. Our TIER III data center servers are located in Europe (Lithuania) and Vilnius.

The DedicatedCore 1TB storage VPS hosting provides the best unmanaged/self-managed services in various world-wide countries like India, Australia, USA, Netherlands, UK, Europe, Romania, and many more countries. 

What happens if my bandwidth is over or run out?

The large storage VPS instance uses all of its allocated bandwidth until for the month, we reduce your server port speed 10 times until the new month starts. Don’t worries we won’t charge any extra fees or suspend your services.

The best thing about DedicatedCore storage VPS unlimited is that they do not charge any extra fees or don’t suspend your website services as compared to other VPS hosting provider.