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Get rapid and limitless data transmission with all of our Singapore VPS plans. We give you full control of your VPS server with an uptime of 99.99%.

Purchase our cheapest VPS hosting in Singapore and upgraded in minutes. DedicatedCore is fully managed Singapore VPS hosting with 24/7 expert support.





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Get into your cheap VPS hosting Singapore. Our best VPS hosting is fueled by the most recent innovations and has been intended to give you the best presentation.


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Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 2
  • Physical RAM : 8 GB
  • NVME DISK : 160 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 4000 GB
  • Delivery Time : 8-48 Hr
  • Location : Singapore
  • Billing : Yearly minimum

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$24 $12.99/mo


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Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 4
  • Physical RAM : 16 GB
  • NVME DISK : 320 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 8000 GB
  • Delivery Time : 8-48 Hr
  • Location : Singapore
  • Billing : Yearly minimum

Limited Stock

$29 $16.49/mo


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Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 6
  • Physical RAM : 24 GB
  • NVME DISK : 400 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 12000 GB
  • Delivery Time : 8-48 Hr
  • Location : Singapore
  • Billing : Yearly minimum

Limited Stock

$34 $22.99/mo


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RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 8
  • Physical RAM : 32 GB
  • NVME DISK : 480 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 16000 GB
  • Delivery Time : 8-48 Hr
  • Location : Singapore
  • Billing : Yearly minimum

Limited Stock

$38 $25.99/mo


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RAM        |


Premium SSD Hosting platform

  • vCPU : 12
  • Physical RAM : 48 GB
  • NVME DISK : 720 GB Storage
  • Bandwidth: 24000 GB
  • Delivery Time : 8-48 Hr
  • Location : Singapore
  • Billing : Yearly minimum

Limited Stock

$49 $30.99/mo

Best VPS Hosting Singapore

Buy unlimited bandwidth and SSD vps server provider in Singapore. Including 24/7 customer support via 5 Media Channels.


SSDs have lower access time than typical drives . We offer free NVMe SSD storage space. Upgrading your servers with the progressive NVMe SSD . We offer top VPS SSD Singapore. SSD capacity gives more power and execution.

24/7/365 Premium Support

The best VPS server hosting Singapore has a dedicated 24/7 VPS expert customer support team. You can connect via call, live chat, support ticket, social media (WhatsApp) and email. You will get the answer to your problem within a minute.

KVM Virtualization

Get the best KVM virtualization environment with or VPS hosting Singapore server. To guarantee that the framework utilizes our equipment for the best Linux VPS execution, the hypervisor is completely incorporated into the server.


The DedicatedCore Singapore VPS server is extremely scalable. You can add resources according to your project requirements at any time. You can easily upgrade the software.

Operating System Options

We have a list of operating systems like Linux Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Along with also support for Windows 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022. You will get the latest version of your licensed operating system.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We ensure 99.99% uptime on our cheapest VPS server hosting. We know the accessibility of your site is your essential concern. Our best VPS server in Singapore empowers us to give you the best uptime.

Full Access Server

With us, you have total command over your VPS server. Therefore, you get full adaptability for your requests. You can deal with your internet-based projects on a server climate that can be scaled by your requirements.

Fully Protected Server

Our best Singapore VPS hosting offers the latest security features to protect from unauthorized access. The VPS server is protected with safety efforts like firewalls, DDoS protection, SSL certificate and backup. DedicatedCore gives an additional layer of guard against digital attacks.

Extraordinary Performance

Our cheap VPS servers in Singapore are outfitted with the latest technology, fast NVMe SSD disk, and a strong framework. This empowers us to take care of your particular necessities while conveying trustworthiness.

Powerful VPS Hosting Singapore

Cheap VPS in Singapore is the best choice for high-traffic websites. Grow your presence by allowing us to deal with everything! Our VPS is intended for speed. Begin now!

Best Singapore VPS Server Hosting

Singapore is a notable nation and one of Asia’s most prominent business, Web, and monetary centers. A great many organizations work in Singapore, meaning various individuals need a protected, private, and stable Web association. Thus, utilizing a Singapore VPS server supports your organization’s site, permitting you to arrive at additional clients and make more deals.

DedicatedCore low cost VPS hosting Singapore takes care of most issues organizations face in the present quick world. Our best VPS server in Singapore is all-around organized and private. It has a dependable and high-velocity web association, which is ideally suited for getting to and utilizing VPS administrations.

With our Virtual Private Server (VPS) you are designated with the hosting assets like a committed server — nobody will be offering server assets to you. Besides, SSD Drives permit your site guests to have a smooth and lovely site insight.


The actual servers of your VPS hosting account are situated in the top-quality server in Singapore, giving low idleness to your guests.

  • IP blocking facility- We consistently examine our IPs to guarantee blacklist ones are eliminated
  • First-rate help – Your server is being checked 24×7. Every one of your concerns will be analyzed and tackled quickly.
Why DedicatedCore Singapore Virtual Private Server?
  • High-Performance Processor:- All VPS servers come with Intel/AMD multi-core CPUs with 20 cores and 40 threads to power servers for quick and responsive administrations.
  • Complete Control:- Now, you’re in charge of root (administrative) access to install PHP, modules, server-level proxy, and much more.
  • Prompt VPS Activations:- Pursue a decision about the VPS plan, submit a request, and perform installment and your VPS will be prepared. You will get login qualifications to your email address.
  • Cost Effective VPS Server:- With DedicatedCore get low latency VPS servers in Singapore at affordable cost. All VPS hosting plans come with the highest performance resources in your budget.
  • What is VPS?

    A Virtual Private Server or VPS or Virtual Machine is a virtual server given by web hosting organizations. VPS permits you to have your sites and applications in a completely private virtual climate.

    It runs with its own working framework by dividing a server’s assets. It empowers clients to have better control and access contrasted with shared hosting. With DomainRacer’s best vps hosting Singapore, you get committed server space with a held measure of assets, offering more noteworthy control and customization.

  • Will I get root access to my VPS server?

    Yes. With DedicatedCore cheap VPS in Singapore, you will have full root access and complete control of your VPS server.

    Virtual private servers Singapore unlimited bandwidth permits you to have two sites on one server. You can likewise re-alter or change your site pages on one site without coming down on the other. Alongside full root access, it likewise permits you a quick association and a straightforward method for getting to it.

  • What payment gateway do you accept?

    DedicatedCore cheap VPS hosting singapore has all types of payment gateway. Like PayPal, Skrill, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Payoneer, Credit/Debit cards, Wallet, etc.

  • Which operating system do I get?

    DedicatedCore best VPS hosting Singapore has popular operating systems such as Linux Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows (2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022) choose according to your web project needs.

  • Are VPS hosting and VPN the same?

    Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) are two distinct advances.

    A VPN sends your traffic through an encoded burrow, assisting you with perusing the web secretly and safely. Then again, the virtual private server is a hosting that permits associations to have sites on a computerized server. Since it's simply virtual hosting.

DedicatedCore’s VPS in Singapore has been the best virtual private server provider I have used in my 5 years of experience. The teams are always ready to help and serve with utter professionalism, and the prices are simply unbeatable!

Riya Patel

I got root access to my VPS hosting from DedicatedCore, that’s why I am thankful to the team. Nobody gives 100% transparency to clients but they did it. That is the reason I would say their service, features and support team are just outstanding.

- Myles