UK’s Cheap KVM Linux VPS

DedicatedCore Best KVM VPS server uses the newest Kernal Based Virtual Machine technology.

With our, Cheap Linux KVM VPS Hosting UK command over your business or individual venture now. Get full control of dealing with your hosting and access to a day-in and day-out (24x7x365) master support.





Best VPS Hosting – UK Server Plan

It’s time to buy Linux and windows os both from our KVM Linux VPS hosting. We are one of the first providers who offer free windows operating systems also.


4.5 GHz
(Boost CPU)


(SSD Gen4)

(Value For)


2 x 4.5Ghz IIII
2 GB


3 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
4 GB


3 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
6 GB


4 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
8 GB


6 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
16 GB
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Difference Between VPS and VPS Hosting?


A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a machine that hosts all the software and data needed to run an application or website. It is known as a virtual because it only consumes a part of the server’s underlying physical resources. Those are managed by a third-party provider. Yet, you get full access to your dedicated resources on that hardware.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting and it stands between Shared & Dedicated Hosting. If you choose cheap VPS hosting UK then you get dedicated computing resources. It will help you to get control, better security, and faster performance.

It gives you separate access to your own disk space, memory, vCPU & software config. VPS server UK hosting is mainly got purchased through website owners who have medium-level traffic. Where they have crossed the shared hosting traffic limit but don't want to go for a dedicated server.

Buy Managed Cheap VPS Hosting UK

Magnificent features to boost your business. Versatility to build your business with best VPS Hosting UK server

Highest Safety Provider

Best VPS Hosting UK will help to secure your business at a very reasonable plan. Your risk timing will get minimized automatically with DDoS protection and firewall.

Exceptional 5-Star Media Support

Any problem? Not an issue we are here with you. Contact on WhatsApp, Email, Call, Ticket & Chat to ask your query. The team will be there 24x7x365 days to crack your difficulties.

Full KVM-based Virtualization

KVM is a Kernel-based Virtual Machine which is an open-source technology. You Can have dedicated resources with self-managed cheap linux VPS UK Hosting plans. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s hardware virtualization service.

Strongest Hardware

Multi-core (20 cores/40 threads) Intel/AMD processors with min 256 GB RAM. There is a dedicated 1 Gbps network connection.

Vital Storage Space

Unlimited SSD & NVME storage space as per your requirements with every pack. You will get flexibility and control over your account.

Dedicated Root Access

Full root access to all your CPanel account. Customize your website with your favorite tools and features.

Server Infrastructure Based in UK

Considerable servers so you don’t have to hover on the location confusion. Our cheap VPS Hosting UK service is located in the UK (London) along with Singapore, France, Netherlands, Germany, India, and USA. Also, Tier IV data centers are for you only.

The Incredible Self-Managed & Managed VPS Hosting UK

DedicatedCore cheap VPS hosting UK is the best place for any VPS hosting hunter. We have self-managedVPS server UK available on your demand

With our system, you don’t have to worry about anything. You will get managed and self-managed service. In self-managed uk kvm VPS Hosting, you will have to manage everything on your end.

Whereas in managed VPS hosting you will get everything from your hosting provider. Our team never fail to manage the accounts and necessity of the customers.


In the cheap VPS Hosting UK have to manage your cPanel accounts, WHMCS accounts, & Site Customization. Choosing cheap managed VPS Hosting UK or Self-managed best VPS Hosting UK is up to you.

What Best VPS Hosting UK Offers?
  • Robust Hardware:- Get service with powerful multi-core(28 cores/56 threads) Intel / AMD processors with 1 Gbps dedicated network speed. Also, min 256 GB RAM into each node.
  • Tier IV Server:- You can get the UK (London) located data center. More servers are located in countries like the USA, France, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and India.
  • Affordable:- As per the market price, you can grab the best VPS Hosting UK at very reasonable pricing.
  • Essential Storage:- Grow with unmetered NVME and SSD storage that is included in every plan.
  • Where are the Servers located in DedicatedCore?

    DedicatedCore is the most popular and worldwide spread company in the best VPS hosting service. You can check we have our VPS hosting service in the UK, USA, India, Germany, France, Singapore, and the Netherlands, and more data centers in the upcoming time.

  • Why consider VPS Hosting in the UK?

    To run and grow any business, server location as well as IP geolocations are the important part. It will help you to rank your website on google. If your business is local then it is mandatory to have your own local server location for better results.

    Because people first click on the inner website. So if your target audience is in the UK then you have to get the UK-based server and DedicatedCore can help you.

    You can any of DedicatedCore’s UK KVM VPS plans for your UK-based business website. You can achieve more success with amazing features and support.

  • What is the Difference Between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting?

    VPS Hosting and Shared hosting are part of Web Hosting. According to their features and functionality, it changes apart from each other. Please choose them by their functionality.

    VPS server uk Hosting is good for businesses that are increasing their traffic. It gives the user that dedicated portion of the physical server which is only for one user. Best VPS Hosting UK hosting offers its own resources to customize your website.

    If any business is at its starting position then shared hosting is the best choice for them. Shared Hosting is necessary for a small website, personal blogs, or personal portfolio.

    In shared hosting, you have to share many things with other users like server space, RAM, & more. It might impact your running website.

  • How Long Does it Take To Set Up a VPS Hosting UK?

    The required timeframe for UK VPS Hosting service totally depends on the provider. It can be done in a second or take a hrs to set it up.

    So there you have to take the chance with the better VPS server UK provider who will set up in a minimum time. With DedicatedCore you will get your setup done in very less time.

In my whole career of the business, I have never seen this type of professionalism with any provider. Seriously, DedcatedCore is the first company where I am going to be stable. In the UK they are the best VPS Hosting service provider.


Too good for businesses who are in the UK. Thank you DedicatedCore team for giving me the best very support service in VPS Hosting. I was so frustrated but you managed all thing very neatly.