London’s Forex VPS Server

The best Forex VPS in London is precisely personalized for trading. Forex VPS hosting is intended to fit the necessities of MetaTrader. Specialists in monitor tasks and save valuable time. The cheap forex vps server in the UK guarantees enough framework assets for its smooth activity.

Low Latency




Lightning Fast SSD


Support MetaTrader

(MT4/MT5) Platform

Best Forex VPS Hosting UK

Run your Forex-based applications through Forex VPS server hosting. Choice your forex trading operating system options.


4.5 GHz
(Boost CPU)


(SSD Gen4)

(Value For)


2 x 4.5Ghz IIII
2 GB


3 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
4 GB


3 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
6 GB


4 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
8 GB


6 x 4.5Ghz IIIIII
16 GB
Trade Quicker without Interferences in the world

Best Forex VPS Hosting In UK for MT4/MT5

With Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, Forex traders leverage a virtual environment provided by the hosting company's servers. The VPS remains consistently online, ensuring uninterrupted trading without the need for reboots. This eliminates the concern of keeping your personal computer constantly running. By Providing a reliable and hassle-free trading experience.

MetaTrader 4/5 serves as the perfect companion for VPS trading. Offering comprehensive tools for market analysis and trade management. When paired with low cost Forex VPS hosting. It creates a secure and efficient trading environment. This combination is the optimal solution for traders. Seeking continuous utilization of robots and signals, allowing for uninterrupted 24/7 trading.

Start your Forex Trading trip with UK Based VPS hosting Server

You don’t have to think twice about the cheap forex vps hosting trading network’s strength. This Forex VPS server platform specially optimized for MT4 & MT5

Latest Security Coats

Don’t worry about unauthorized access, we have the highest security features. Cheap forex vps server for trading empower the latest security layers including DDoS assurance and firewall to upgrade security levels.


Picking the closest server location to your broker is a very essential part. Cheap forex VPS uk hosting offers NVMe SSD storage space. Check for the nearest server locations to your forex broker around the world.

Great Low Latency Trading

We deliver low-latency Forex VPS service. Low latency implies no beats are lost in transmission, so you get each tick. This is significant because a product/system can work when it gets a tick.

24-Hour Support Team

We have a forex VPS uk expert support team. They are always available for you to solve your queries. You can contact us through phone, live chat, email, social media, and the ticketing system. We’re here every minute of every day to help you.

Cost-Effective Forex VPS Server

We don’t make you pay extra for DDoS assurance. Our UK network is safeguarded by the DDoS and Firewall administrations as standard. All cheap forex VPS hosting plans are designed to meet your trading requirement in your budget.

Choice of Operating System

The best Forex VPS hosting in UK gives you a choice of multiple operating systems. You can select from OS Windows Server 2012 to Onwards. We will provide you “evaluation”, which you can use to install and afterward input your license key.

1 Gbps Network Speed

Top Forex Trading VPS comes with 1 Gbps network speed. We have a super-fast NVMe SSD VPS UK. So you will receive your data/information within a second. Servers situated in the key monetary center guarantee low latency association.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Everyone is worried about server downtime, it is a barrier to trading. Here you will get 99.99% server uptime assurance. We ensure that you’ll have your trading VPS server with maximum server operation time.

Auto Startup Trading

Our low cost VPS includes an auto startup facility and has a committed information base to enact it. Each best forex VPS uk incorporates pre-introduced MT4/MT5.

Use Forex VPS Hosting in trading

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are an ideal choice for Forex trading. As they can efficiently host trading software/web applications are accessible from any corner of the globe. All you need to do is log into your trading account. They are providing you convenient and global access to your trading tools and platforms.

VPS for forex trading servers acts as a safeguard for your computer. Preventing unauthorized access that could result in data or financial theft. A VPS provides a secure and private environment, inaccessible to the general public.

VPS allows for the installation of various Forex trading platforms. Such as MetaTrader (MT 4/5) or Expert Advisors (EA). Guarantee swift and uninterrupted services. Opting for UK Forex VPS hosting specifically designed for MetaTrader. Ensures the continuous operation of your MT4/MT5 platforms. Without any disruptions, providing a seamless and efficient trading experience.

Experience direct connectivity in your country, with the best forex VPS trading United Kingdom. Featuring state-of-the-art tier-IV data center facilities. Our MT4 VPS trading ensures an exceptional 99.99% uptime. Coupled with outstanding connectivity.


When you choose VPS hosting for Forex trading, you can make Forex trading adjustments and boost your earnings effortlessly. Enjoy complimentary weekly JetBackup along with round-the-clock monitoring of your virtual private server. Our Metatrader 5 VPS for Forex trading servers includes top-notch free security features. Including DDoS protection and Firewall, a secure and worry-free trading environment.

(Reasons) Cheap Forex VPS Hosting UK:
  • Latest Gen Security:- Gain the advantage of cutting-edge security with preinstalled DDoS protection and Firewall. It Works as secure robust safeguard for your website.
  • No Need For Technical Knowledge:- We have one of the main control boards introduced after requesting your VPS. Select from cPanel control panel.
  • High-Performance Server:- Opt for a high-performance NVMe SSD VPS hosting server. Ensuring minimal latency for an optimal experience. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility to customize and boost resources as per your requirements.
  • Multi Trading Platforms:- Benefit from our cheapest cost forex VPS hosting is that compatible with a range of trading platforms like MetaTrader MT4/5, MultiCharts, and more. Experience low-latency servers for seamless and efficient trading.
  • 24/7 Online & 99.99% Uptime :- Designed for constant availability, our VPS ensures 24/7/365 online presence. Backed by a robust 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Best Forex VPS Hosting - Trading in UK

Start in Minutes & get the best uninterruptible Trading Server experience in your city. Forex VPS Servers with the best uptime and low latency at the lowest price.

  • Do I need a VPS for forex trading in UK?

    For UK-based Forex traders, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is essential for trading. Our VPS solution is designed for traders, giving you the flexibility to trade on various platforms in today's ever-changing market. Customize settings, execute trades from anywhere globally. And you can experience faster speeds with low latency. DedicatedCore enhances security with complimentary features such as DDoS protection and a firewall.

  • What are supported payment gateways?

    DedicatedCore offers a versatile payment gateway for forex VPS. Encompassing options like PayPal, Credit Cards, Payoneer, Bank account transfer, and more. If you accidentally overpay, we'll conveniently apply the excess amount to your account. When you pay with a credit card, this gives you the freedom to prepay when necessary. We always use your account credit first before using other payment methods to ensure uninterrupted service.

  • Do you offer 24/7 fast & free support?

    Absolutely! At DedicatedCore, we boast a prompt & best team of VPS experts. Our cheap forex VPS hosting trading specialists are at your service 24/7 day or night through various channels. Including Phone, Live Chats, WhatsApp Chats/Calls, Emails, and Ticketing systems. We provide tailored solutions for every platform, diligently working to enhance their performance. Additionally, individual profiles for each of our representatives are meticulously. Set up to ensure personalized and effective support.

  • How much does a Forex VPS cost?

    The cost of the best VPS for trading may vary. Like taking into account factors such as server location and the desired amount of resources. DedicatedCore offers remarkably affordable monthly pricing for forex VPS trading servers. They secure your cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

Excellent Service! I was worried about the payment transaction while purchasing the forex VPS hosting for trading. But I would say dedicatedcore team have given me every possible option to make a smooth payment. Also I got MT4 & MT5 for my forex VPS with a 4GBPS connection. I want to say thank you so much for assisting me through the process.

ALBERT (Forex Broker)

As I have settled in London for 4 years, I was thinking of upgrading my trading skills by establishing my own big platform. So I tried to connect with Forex VPS trading provider and I got the DedicatedCore name from my colleague. I was a bit scared and confused but they clear my all doubts with a single call. Thanks team for helping to set my big dream.