Node Js VPS Hosting

Install or deploy your node js application into VPS hosting with the newest technology. The best platform to buy affordable and low-cost VPS with node js server.

The first time, run your node.js Linux VPS at a very secure and highly reliable place with a variety of services. Proper investment for – Developers, Designers & all types of VPS with node js businesses.

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Best Ubuntu Node.js VPS Hosting Services

Start your node js cpanel vps hosting with secure database connection. Learn how to build vps node js server on ubuntu and mongodb.

Best Node.js VPS Hosting at DedicatedCore

Get an absolute soul mate for growing your online business efficiently with DedicatedCore’s cost-effective node.js VPS hosting. The fully managed best node js VPS server support system offers easy and well-optimized deployment it. It is the right platform for expanding your enterprise. With completely scalable and SSD-based MongoDB Node JS VPS hosting services. DedicatedCore Offers out-of-the-box, and well customized cheap node.js VPS hosting plans. Including superior specifications as given below:

  • Rapidly equipping for better deployment of VPS server and instant setup
  • Trouble-free point-and-click management for your hosting account, powered by best node js MongoDB hosting. With the help of a fully furnished Operating System. You can install and run any applications on the VPS node. js.
  • Boundless SSD storage with 100+ times faster access to your files and databases.
  • Fully administrative root access enables you to Configure your hosting account in your own way.

Avail of smooth working experience with robust quality and cloud-based VPS node.js hosting infrastructure at DedicatedCore.

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DedicatedCore offers by default lively customer support for all our best node js MongoDB hosting. In addition to 24×7 server spying and proactive server management. Our in-house LiteSpeed in combination with RAID Technology brings 21x Faster server performance.

  • Best opportunity to start an empire with a low budget but dream to make it vast. with highly scalable resources. That allows you to resize your node.js and MongoDB VPS server at any time wherever required.
  • Enormously secured global defense network. Acts as a protective shield for all Node.js, MongoDB, Ubuntu websites hosted on the VPS server.

Why Cheap MongoDB/Ubuntu VPS Hosting?

Deploy, manage and optimize your MongoDB/ubuntu VPS hosting services for nodejs at your fingertips. Reach to the millions of your targeted audience with smart control over them. Get affordable node js hosting with MongoDB VPS with unbeatable features as follows:

  • Fastest and Limitless SSD Storage
  • Hack- Free Protection and Security
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing
  • SEO Companionable Environs
  • Real-Time Customer Support
  • Flavorsome Server Processing and Monitoring
  • Complimentary Backup (Automated)

An abundance of Ubuntu, MongoDB and node.js VPS hosting server configurations is offered by DedicatedCore at the cheapest prices. Choose any one of our plans and set up your Node. js VPS with Ubuntu and MongoDB VPS hosting in less than 5 minutes.

Experience the Uniqueness – Cheap Node.js VPS Hosting

Implement Blazing 21x Fast and more than easy, affordable Node.js VPS hosting solutions. Explore the ability to drive their dynamic best node js MongoDB hosting website and run real-time apps

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Fastest SSD Storage

Make your VPS server incredibly speedy with SSD-based node js MongoDB hosting at DedicatedCore. Utilize ultra-fast SSD plans and bring your efforts to the highest level of success. Captivate visitors with blazing fast websites.

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Automated Backup

Take the advantage of a full system weekly Jet-backup at entirely free of cost. You have not to worry about losing your precious information and database. We are here to get it back if a crisis arises.

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Robust Server Processing

Deploy, manage and optimize your ubuntu VPS hosting infrastructure in just a few clicks with complete control over yours. We always focused on providing scalable resources. That enables fast server-side response for any web requests.

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Value for Money

High-quality node js VPS hosting with MongoDB feature at your matching budget. We offer adequate resources at very cost effective prices. Don’t miss the opportunity to get affordable hosting at your fingertips.

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Accelerated Performance

Ensure the speedy and best stable performance of the website with the cheap nodejs vps hosting provider. We use the best combination of technologies like RAID and 21x faster LiteSpeed to boost up your business growth.

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Lively Customer Support

We have an expert team of knowledgeable IT professionals, who are readily available to assist you in all software and hardware related issues. Trust us we will be running your website effectively.

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Quick Root Access

Get the ownership to install, manage and configure your best node js VPS plan according to your vision. Here you have full root access to administrate your apps or hosted sites as you want. Just feel like an empowered webmaster.

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Mind Blowing Video Solution

You will get simple and easy-to-learn video solutions to deploy/ install nodejs MongoDB ubuntu on your node.js VPS server easily. Build your server on MongoDB and ubuntu with help of video series.

Choose Your Ideal – Best Cheap VPS Hosting

It’s time to upgrade your business with different types of best VPS hosting. Choose one which is suitable for your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is node js virtual private server?

Simply NodeJS is an open-source platform, created to execute JavaScript code on VPS. Here NodeJS allows JavaScript to be used on VPS server scripts to produce trustful content for web pages.

Most of the developers prefer this combination to optimize Node.JS allows developers to write the entire web application.

How much does the best VPS hosting with Node.JS cost?

Node.js is basically a free, open-ended application. So you have to pay charges for only VPS hosting that you choose.

For example, the basic best node js mongodb hosting plan of DedicatedCore starts with $5.13/month. It will be the same with or without Node.js optimization.

Can I upgrade my node js mongodb/ubuntu vps server plan later?

Anytime you can upgrade your resources according to your requirement. We will help you in affixing the hosting features simply free of cost whenever you need them. Don’t worry about renewal charges. Just pivot to amplify your business widening.

Is it worth to use Node.JS with VPS Hosting?

If you want to expand your future business then choose the best Node.js VPS hosting plan. The Node js MongoDB VPS hosting offers a more flexible and scalable way to blow the balloon of your success. The hosting experts say that Node.js is the most compatible application with the private server environment of VPS services.

In addition, low-cost VPS plans with node js make it an affordable option for nearly all enterprises.

What are the steps to install/run node.js on a VPS server?

If you are using mongodb on VPS with full access to Node.JS, then it is a great option to run and manage network applications. Following are the steps to install node.js on VPS hosting.

  • Update index page, if you’re using Ubuntu virtual serve like DedicatedCore
  • Install Nodejs application in Your Home Directory
  • Just verify that you are in your home directory or not
  • Configure all essential resources that meet your hosting needs
  • Connect your website with a running node.js app

By doing all these steps you will successfully install a stable VPS node js server. And added a powerful tool to your MongoDB/ubuntu VPS hosting.

You can also check this video link for installing node js on vps server:-

Can I get cheap MongoDB vps hosting services at

Definitely Yes! DedicatedCore is a top-notch node.js-based MongoDB VPS hosting provider. Our core Node js VPS hosting services offer a comprehensive catalog of packages to meet your tight budget requirements.

You Can deploy MongoDB/ubuntu and Node js apps on a VPS server promptly with an easy-to-use control panel. At DedicatedCore you can get an affordable node js vps hosting solution with a sufficient amount of storage space and well-customized features.